5 Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone talks about being aware of the foods we eat and how to stay healthier with exercise. So why do we know what to do but choose not to do it?

Healthy habits are hard to do, period. They require tapping into your inner voice and changing your mindset. But if you're willing to make sacrifices to better your Health, the impact can be astounding!

So lets discuss the five benefits of a healthier lifestyle:

1. Controls Weight

Eating right and exercising regularly can help aid you in avoiding excess weight gain and keep you at a healthy weight. A good rule to live by is; focus 80% on your nutrition and 20% on exercise. Exercise helps you in your circulation, improves cardiovascular health, boost your immune system, and increases your energy levels.

Not everyone has the time though to exercise though. Let's be honest here, I have a wife and two kids, one is 3 1/2 years and one is 6 months. My time is spent with entertaining them and spending quality time with them. Then there's my full time job of 45 hours a week. So if you are like me there is no time, or so you would think.

I've committed myself to do 4 days a week with 1 hour exercise sessions at my local gym. If you check with your employer there are great benefits they sometimes provide. I got a great deal on a gym network that works for me. So it made sense to me to give it a go! The time I go into the gym is at 5am. I just work a little harder to get to sleep at a better time the night before. I don't stay up and watch that new Netflix show. I'd rather spend the hour improving my well being.

2. Improves Mood

Taking care of your body pays off too for your mind. The Mayo Clinic notes that physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins. They are the chemicals that leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Exercising can also lead you to feeling better about your physique. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Short term benefits also included decreased stress and improved cognitive function.

3. Combats Diseases

Healthy habits help prevent certain health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

This speaks so much truth to me. I started having increased cholesterol and blood pressure in my early 30's. I was eating greasy foods and drinking unhealthy amounts of energy drinks. I needed to get myself back into gear. Since I've started my journey, I have dropped to healthy levels and have felt so much better!

4. Improves Energy

We have all experienced that Thanksgiving feeling where we want to snuggle up to a couch and fall asleep after we eat. We should not be feeling this way every meal!

Food is meant to give us energy. When you eat a good healthy meal food is the fuel the body receives in order to boost your energy levels.

Focus on:

Whole Grains

Lean Meats

Nuts and Fruits


When your body is in balance, the foods you consume get absorbed into your body more efficiently.

5. Improve Longevity

When you focus on living a healthier lifestyle, you increase your chances of a longer life. The American Council on Exercise reported on an eight-year study of 13,000 people. Those who walked just 30 minutes each day significantly reduced their chances of dying prematurely, compared to those who exercised infrequently.

So just build up slow and set small goals for yourself to accomplish.

I started with just running for 10mins for one week. Then I did 15mins for the second week. Now I am pushing for 1 mile in under 10mins. Then I want to do 2 miles in 15mins.

Just keep setting small goals to push yourself to get better.

Final Thoughts:

Bad habits are hard to break. "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right"

It takes small victories to gain momentum.

For me, I started out with a 30 day challenge. I actually dropped my weight before working out again. I was able to stick to a regimen of nutrition and naturally lost my excess weight.

There's no one size fits all to your journey. You just have to have the desire to get started somewhere. Just know that I have your back.


My mission is to create awareness of living a healthier life through education, nutrition, and community. 


Our promise is to deliver a holistic approach to healthy living, inside and out, with cleaner formulas for better results.



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